Sarah Edelman


Since 2012 , I have worked as a full-time freelance conference interpreter.

Currently I provide services in person and remotely through Interpreting platforms such as Zoom, Kudo and Microsoft Teams. I cover these assignments from my fully equipped interpreting studio, including hard-wired fiber optic internet and noise cancelling headphones.

I have interpreted for international conferences on the private and public sector related to business, education, literature, technology... and for international organizations covering  climate justice, human rights and indigenous issues.

I was born and raised in a bilingual household in Madrid and in El Puerto de Santa María, Spain.

In 2011, I graduated from University of Toulouse - Jean Jaurès with a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics. I also completed a  university degree in French as a Foreign Language while living in "La Ville Rose" in Southern France.


In 2016, I became certified by the New York City Unified Court system in Spanish and French and where I have worked  as a freelancer ever since.

I hold a Master of Conference Interpreting, from Glendon College, York University (Canada), an AIIC recognized Interpretation Masters program.

I am a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and the New York Circle of Translators (NYCT). I reside in the New York Metropolitan area with my husband and two children.


Language combinations

Spanish < > English

French > English

French > Spanish


Conference Interpreting

I hold a masters of conference interpreting and have supplied interpreting services for over ten years across public and private sectors in the New York City area and remotely for meetings across the globe.

Legal Interpreting

Project managing / Consulting

I'm certified by the New York State Unified Court System Since 2012, I have interpreted for depositions, attorney-client conferences, trials, court appearances, civil, criminal, immigration, and asylum cases.

I provide project management and consultancy for multilingual conferences in person and in remote settings for international meetings, webinars, delegations... I'm happy to further discuss your multilingual communication needs.

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EN-DE-FR-PT-ES  Event Translation and Interpretation

Sarah is an excellent professional interpreter with a perfect command of both English and Spanish. I've witnessed first-hand (or, rather, “first-ear”) her seamless interpretation of high-level scientific topics in remote settings. I would be happy to share an interpretation booth again and recommend her for future events.