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Interpreting Services

When you have an international event it is important for everyone to communicate comfortably. This is why hiring the right team of interpreters to cover your international communication needs is a must. I am happy to help you figure out your interpreting needs and set up a team of professional, confident linguists who will make your your event is a success.

Conference Interpreting

I hold a masters of conference interpreting and have supplied interpreting services for over ten years across public and private sectors in the New York City area and remotely for webinars, online events and conferences across the globe.







Legal Interpreting

I'm certified by the New York State Unified Court System Since 2012 and provide freelance court interpreting services on a regular basis for various courts in New York City area. I have interpreted for depositions, attorney-client conferences, trials, court appearances, civil, criminal, immigration, and asylum cases.


Project management / Consulting

I provide project management and consultancy for multilingual conferences in person and in remote settings for international meetings, webinars, delegations... I'm happy to further discuss your multilingual communication needs.

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